Welcome to Saxony-Anhalt

The country and its people

You get further information here >>.

Attractive location of industry and commerce

You find more information on the websites of the
Ministry of Sciences and Economic Affairs and of the
Investment and Marketing Corporation of Saxony-Anhalt.



Good location of education and sciences

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Saxony-Anhalt is especially attractive for families. You find further information here >> (website only in German).

You find information about child care in Saxony-Anhalt here >> (website only in


You can inform you about child care facilities here >> (website only in German).

History and culture

Saxony-Anhalt is well-known for its history and culture.

Leisure time and tourism

You find information for tourists about Saxony-Anhalt here.

„Citizen Service of the state government of Saxony-Anhalt“

The "Citizen Service of the state government of Saxony-Anhalt" supports you in administrative matters (website only in German).