Interested in a vocational training in Saxony-Anhalt?

If you are interested in a vocational training in Saxony-Anhalt, you have come to the right place: In recent years, the chance of getting a vocational training place in Saxony-Anhalt for young people from Europe has risen. Because of the positive economic development and because of the demographic change, in Saxony-Anhalt there are more vocational training places than applicants. Thus, in 2012 almost three of ten vocational training places (29 percent) could not be filled with applicants.

You get support in the search for vocational training places

Support ... in the search for vocational training places you get ...


externer Link: Fachkräfteportal PFIFF

... in Saxony-Anhalt from the regional consultants of the bilingual portal for skilled employees PFIFF.
externer Link: Jobbörse der Bundesagentur für Arbeit... from the consultants of the job exchange of the German Federal Employment Agency. Please note, that you find the most descriptions of vocational training places only in German. Furthermore, you can find helpful information about the web page here.
... in Germany from the consultants of the International Placement Services.

Information about funding programmes for trainees ...

 from abroad you can get here.



Further information about general questions concerning vocational training

In Germany, the vocational training is mostly a dual programme of training and education. That means, during your vocational training you spend three to four days a week in the apprenticing company. The remaining one or two days, you get the theoretical founding for your future job in the vocational school. Thus, you can apply and increase the knowledge you got in the vocational school to the apprenticing company in practice and receive practical skills.  
You have to apply for a dual programme to your prospective apprenticing company. The programme starts as a rule in August or September every year. During your vocational training, you get a salary as training allowance from your apprenticing company.



You find further information in the bilingual "Welcome to Germany" Portal for foreign skilled employees "Make it in Germany".



Glossary of Vocational Training Terms

In the following bilingual “Glossary of Vocational Training Terms” you can find general information about how in-company vocational training is conducted. Although the bilingual information is mainly addressed to employer, you can find general information for trainees, too.