You get further information and contact details

... especially about Saxony-Anhalt



... from the regional network "Integration by Qualification" (IQ – only in German), which provides information and contact details about the recognition of foreign vocational and professional qualifications, about further training for migrants and about immigrant organisations.



... in the bilingual portal for skilled employees PFIFF.
If you are looking for a vocational training or job in Saxony-Anhalt, you can get advice in English by telephone: +49 800 66 300 66.

... from the Citizen Service of the state government of Saxony-Anhalt (only in German). There, you get important information, competent authorities and necessary forms regarding administrative matters in connection with changes of address, schools or child care in Saxony-Anhalt.



... from the regional network "Immigrant Organisations Saxony-Anhalt" (only in German), which informs about several immigrant organisations in Saxony-Anhalt.



... about Germany




... from the International Placement Services, of the Federal Employment Agency, which inform bilingual about job-seeking, work permit, residence title, legal bases and contact details.



... from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, which informs multilingual about moving to Germany (entry, job-seeking) and living in Germany (language courses, healthcare system).



... in the bilingual information portal "Recognition in Germany", which provides reliable addresses of competent authorities and information about necessary documents.



... in the bilingual "Welcome to Germany" Portal "Make it in Germany", which concentrates all important information about living and working in Germany – for example, about job-seeking, visa, movement, settlement and family.




... in the portal "The Job of my Life". The Federal Employment Agency informs bilingual about funding programmes and possibilities of support for finding vocational trainings or jobs in Germany.



... in the multilingual European Job Mobility Portal, which provides advice and information about job-seeking in Europe.